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New vs. Used

Why Should You Buy New

New Home vs. Used Home
Constructed to most recent building, wind, and energy codes; may lead to homeowner's insurance savings vs. May incur high energy bills and lack resistance to high winds
Never lived in prior to your purchase vs. Unknown repairs by unknown or unlicensed contractors
You are able to choose from a number of modern, material selections and options vs. Your only option is what someone else is selling and may be outdated style
New home smell vs. Unknown odors
Whole home Builder Warranty vs. No warranty or limited warranty
Includes many of the latest material improvement and technologies vs. Can be much less energy efficient
Choose your size, style, and floor plan vs. Often floor plans that are obsolete or less modern
Many mortgage financing options vs. Many financing options may be unavailable due to condition of house
Dastani Homes is an established business in the community vs. Seller is often someone you cannot contact after the sale
Low maintenance and repair requirements vs. With age comes more maintenance